Why Use Registered Migration Agent

In Immigration Museum at Melbourne, there is a sign that says more than nine million people have migrated to Australia since 1788. Countless others have tried and failed.

You want to be part of that nine million migrants if you want to stay here permanently or get the right visa if you want to stay here for temporarily.

We have been in this industry for more than 10 years. We have seen many clients who are very happy. The most important question that is often asked by some of our clients is whether they can lodge their own visa. The often say that all the information is Online or Immigration Website, and it is just about filling the form and waiting for the Department to ask for more requests documents if it is not enough and their visa will be granted. They can save professional fees for free.

It puts us in an ethical dilemma. As our firm values integrity, we tell them frank, honest and candid advice. We tell them that you can lodge you visa in Australia in 3 ways. They are as follows:

  1. Yourself
  2. TWGG – Please check WHY TWGG
  3. Another Registered Migration Agent

Technically speaking, you do not need Registered Migration Agent to lodge your visa. A Registered Migration Agent cannot influence nor predetermine the outcome of your application, nor can they fast-track its processing. Most applications processed by the Immigration are not lodged by Registered Migration Agents. Nor Registered Migration Agent guarantee the positive outcome of the visa grant. Registered Migration Agents can advise if your visa application is likely to succeed, but they do not make visa decisions and cannot influence outcomes. Only the Immigration makes decisions about visa applications.

You can lodge an application directly with Immigration. The Immigration accepts all applications presented, regardless of who lodges them. Most applications can be lodged online.

Then the questions come, why use the Registered Migration Agent.

The following Benefits of Using the Registered Migration Agent:

It is a legal requirement that Registered Migration Agents operating in Australia are registered with the Office of the Migration Agents Registration Authority (Office of the MARA). You can search for Registered Migration Agents on the Office of the MARA website at www.mara.gov.au. Registered Migration Agents are allowed to provide immigration advice and assistance, including help lodging visa applications. Registered Migration Agents must be qualified and demonstrate to the Office of the Migration Agents Registration Authority (OMARA) that they:

It is against the law for someone in Australia who is not registered with the OMARA to provide you with immigration assistance. It is a criminal offence to provide immigration assistance if you are not Registered Migration Agent.

Most applicants believe that the Immigration will request for more information if the documents they submitted is not sufficient. In reality, it is not the case. Under section 54 of the Migrations Act 1958, Immigration does not have to ask for more information and make decision on whatever is available to them. Registered Migration Agent are aware of the all the criteria for the grant of the visa. Usually they lodge Decision Ready Application, so you do not need to worry about section 54 of the Migrations Act 1958.


The reality is that Australia’s migration laws are complex, and it is likely that someone who is unfamiliar with the process would be unaware of all the ‘ins and outs’ and intricacies of the system. This is even more so the case in the current climate with the migration laws constantly changing. To ensure that you gain the best and most effective result based on your individual circumstances, you need to have an in-depth understanding of how these laws apply in practice as well as the latest developments and how they affect your application. The time you spent on finding that information can be better used elsewhere or at your work.


Registered Migration Agents are trained professionals who are available to assist you with all aspects of your application, including the provision of advice regarding your visa options, preparing and lodging your application, and representing you in your dealings with the Immigration. They are skilled in Australia’s migration laws and are authorised under the Migration Act 1958 to provide these, and other services, that relate to your application. Registered Migration Agents practice exclusively in this one area of the law only, and utilise their knowledge, skills and experience to guide you through the application process, which can often be a stressful time for you. Their goal is to help you to achieve a positive result and to make the process as easy and seamless as possible. They take it out of your hands (to the extent that they can) and you can rest assured that everything is being done to help you to achieve the best outcome.  Getting it right the first time means you are less likely to end up with a visa refusal and the loss valuable time and money which you have invested into the process if the outcome is unsuccessful.


The Registration Migration Agents will do that for you so that you can have a peace of mind.


You can save money by not paying the Registered Migration Agent. However, if the negative results come then the cost of lodging with Registered Migration Agent is cheaper than to appeal your case at the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (“AAT”).


There are more than 500,000 international students studying in Australia at any given year. The most common visa most international students apply after completing their course is Graduate Temporary Subclass 485 visas.


Many international students lodge these themselves without an agent, without realising that the requirements are quite complex. However, many international students do not get the result that they expect, and we've seen the following:


A Registered Migration Agent will thoroughly understand Migrations Acts 1958, Migration Regulations 1994 and the Department of Immigration Procedures Advice Manual. A Registered Migration Agent will also have comprehensive pre-lodgement checklists to ensure that essential requirements are not missed at lodgement.


Due to funding cuts and an increase in the number of visa applications lodged, the Immigration is less accessible than was previously the case.


An experienced Registered Migration Agent will ensure that your case is as fully documented so that any requests from Immigration are minimised. If you do receive a request for further information, they will be able to advise you clearly about which documentation will address the issues raised. Where necessary, Registered Migration Agent can escalate issues to management to get problems resolved.


If your application is refused, this will usually mean that you lose the Immigration application fees - which can be many thousands of dollars. However, there may be more significant ramifications such as:


A capable Registered Migration Agent will thoroughly check your application before it's lodged, so that a simple mistake will not jeopardise your immigration future.



Your application is looked after each step of the way. Visa applications are complex, time-consuming and stressful. As applications can be refused over minor details, there is no guarantee that yours will be approved. A Registered Migration Agents knows your visa has a high impact on your life, your business, your work, your studies and your family. A Registered Migration Agent will give you peace of mind each step of the way. Using A Registered Migration Agent means you have the assurance that your visa will be prepared quickly and correctly the first time around.


Once you have received professional Immigration Advice from a Registered Migration Agent and know what visa options are available to you, the next step in your migration or visa journey is to apply for your visa.


A Registered Migration Agent will provide you the following, but it is not an exhaustive list:

assist you in the collection and preparation of all information and documentation required in support of your visa application;