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About TWGG


Career and educational decisions are very important and difficult.

TWGG Melbourne is a leading education agent focuses in providing quality education advice to the international students. It is the first Nepalese Education Consultancy working for the international students in Australia and is continuously working for international student onshore and offshore.

We speak English, Hindi and Nepali.

TWGG Melbourne is currently representing many Universities, Colleges and TAFES all over Australia. We have recruited thousands of student in Australian Colleges and Universities till date and are working to recruit hundreds each year both onshore and offshore.

TWGG Melbourne believes that sound and knowledgeable educational Counselling to students are integral part in shaping their future.

TWGG Building at 22 Williiam St. Melbourne


The company recruits international students along with providing migration assistance though TWGG Melbourne Visa Department to the diverse communities from the different parts of the world.

TWGG Melbourne complies with the National Code 2007 and gracefully acknowledges the recent changes in student visa program as they are in line with the company's philosophy.

Since its inception, TWGG Melbourne has committed itself in recruiting quality students while maintaining the compliance with law.

Additionally, ever since its commencement, TWGG Melbourne has been widely renowned for its effective and efficient performance in providing students with the proper and professional guidelines regarding their student visas, temporary residence, permanent residence and migration queries.

Students are the priorities at TWGG Melbourne and applies the state-of-the-art technology and the qualified team members in providing the informed plus ethical counselling to the international students. As result, the company recruits many international students over the years and helps them in obtaining the improved education plus career counselling that helps enriching their life-style in general.

Key Features

TWGG Melbourne’s key feature is its attitude to provide the genuine assistance for international students' concerns. In addition, the qualified team members and their passion to provide the quality service to students also set the company apart from its competitors.

The company believes in professionalism along with the fairness of work. More than monetary profit, the company prioritizes the students' benefit. The key feature of TWGG Melbourne, thus, is its reliable assistance and its attribute to genuinely ask the international student's matter, listen to their issues and then advise for their improved future.

Moreover, this simply key feature of the company to ask, listen and advise have unmistakably put TWGG Melbourne ahead from the crowd of the present-day competitive business world.

So come speak to us about your carrer of future.

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